Brookside Elementary School

Brookside Elementary School

Lincoln Unified School District

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The Brookside Elementary School campus is situated on a pie-shaped parcel of 14 acres and was designed to accommodate a K-8 ADA of 725 with maximum built-out to 900 ADA. The school is located within the 1,200 acre gated residential community of Brookside.

The campus construction type is all steel consisting of continuous 12’ high structural deck plate heights with superimposed sloped standing seam metal roofs enclosing the concealed equipment wells. The steel system affords flexibility, dimensional control, cost predictability, and durability which enabled a “systems approach” to finishes, fenestration, electrical and mechanical systems, and construction scheduling.



Location: Stockton, CA

Completed: 1993

School Size: 42,000 sf

Construction Cost: $5.4 M