Wicklund Elementary School

Wicklund Elementary School

Lammersville Unified School District



ARCHITECHNICA’s relationship with Lammersville Unified School District began in 1992 when we created both the Master Facilities Plan and Master Educational Specification for the City of Mountain House. Wicklund Elementary School was the first of ten planned new Elementary Schools for the Lammersville Unified School District. The K-8 campus is situated on a rectangular parcel of 16 acres and designed to accommodate an Average Daily Attendance (ADA) of 924 students with surge capacity up to 1,370 students.

Wicklund Elementary School was designed in accordance with the master developer’s architectural character as a ‘Craftsman’ style while still maintaining a residential scale respective of the adjacent homes. The school entrance was designed around an open central courtyard with a walkway bisecting the Administration and Multi-use buildings; this created a welcoming atmosphere while allowing maximum supervision of students and visitors. The Kindergarten classrooms, a school within a school, have separate designated entrances, play areas, restrooms, and office facilities.



Location: Mountain House, CA

Completed: 2003

School Size: 64,000 sf

Construction Cost: $14 M